Our Approach

Goals-Based Wealth Management

There are no pre-packaged solutions at Evercore: your unique lifestyle, family, business and legacy considerations shape our approach. We start with a conversation.
We start with a conversation. You and at least two of us – a portfolio manager and wealth and fiduciary advisor, both with years of experience – establish your goals and your appetite for risk and determine how to maximize your chances of success, on your terms.

How secure is your income? What is your tolerance for risk? Do you have other constraints, such as a concentrated stock position or a closely held business? Are you planning to sell or transfer ownership of your business or other assets? Is your family experiencing change? Do you need to protect or manage assets in a trust, or to deepen your or your family’s financial knowledge? What are your aspirations, for yourself, and for the people and organizations you care for?
There are as many answers as there are individuals. We all have one thing in common, however: We need to know what to expect, not just in broad strokes but also in practice, after the real impact of taxes, fees and inflation.
That’s why we project investment returns across a full range of scenarios and inclusive of all associated costs – and construct and manage discrete portfolios of assets chosen for their related risk, return, and liquidity characteristics. It’s a very different and much more transparent approach than is practiced at many financial services firms. Not many firms show what market drawdowns can really do to a portfolio, let alone the real impact of costs and rising risk on returns. We do.
We continue our conversation with you, and with your family. Your circumstances are always changing. So too are the opportunities and risks associated with the economic, monetary and political environment. It is our job to marry the two, so that our relationship with you and our best thinking informs our efforts to meet – or exceed – your financial goals. Our goal is to earn and sustain your trust.
Integrated Wealth Management
Our distinctive approach integrates global investment management, strategic wealth planning, trust and fiduciary solutions and family office services to maximize the chance that you will reach – or exceed – your objectives across your personal, family, business and philanthropic life.