Our Approach


The portfolio managers at Evercore Wealth Management include some of the most experienced professionals in wealth management, with world-class capabilities across a range of investment strategies.

Many of us have worked together for years. We are partners in the truest sense, working together in specialized teams, with our colleagues at Evercore, and directly with our clients. We accommodate existing holdings – including concentrated stock positions – and factor in related considerations, including tax, securities laws and legacy concerns, in the context of each client’s liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax position and objectives.
We design and manage customized portfolios, adjusting for changes in family and business circumstances, the economic and regulatory environment, and the evolving aspirations and constraints of our clients. Through a process we call Efficient Architecture®, we combine our proprietary expertise and carefully selected external investments to design portfolios that strive to generate the highest after-fee, after-tax, risk-adjusted returns across a range of asset classes.
Our process, relationships, and fees are entirely transparent. We are proud of our performance, as measured by competitive benchmarks and by our success in meeting our clients’ goals.

  • Goals-based Asset Allocation: Assets are classed by their risk, return and liquidity characteristics
    • Cash & Cash Equivalents: Assets managed for anticipated lifestyle needs and for future investments. These include cash management and money market funds.
    • Defensive Assets: Investment grade, liquid fixed-income obligations that are intended to preserve capital and provide current income. There may be interest rate risk depending on maturity. This asset class includes core municipal bonds and core taxable bonds.
    • Credit Strategies: Non-investment grade assets calculated to enhance total returns through credit risk exposure, while minimizing interest-rate risk. This asset class includes floating rate bonds, high-yield bonds and mortgage-backed securities.
    • Diversified Market Strategies: These liquid assets are designed to offset risks to which traditional allocations of bonds and diversified stock portfolios are vulnerable, such as periods of high or rising inflation and/or a weak U.S. dollar. Included in this asset class are TIPS, exposure to gold and commodities, foreign bonds and liquid alternative investments.
    • Growth Assets: This asset class incorporates all growth-oriented assets, including large-, mid- and small-capitalization stocks and domestic, developed international and emerging market equities.
    • Illiquid Assets: Assets with potential for high-growth returns that may compensate for their lack of liquidity. Exposures are evaluated in the context of each investor’s individual attitudes to risk, tax situation, liquidity needs and time horizon. These assets include private equity, distressed credit, venture capital, private real assets and illiquid real estate investments.

  • Customized Portfolios: Evercore Wealth Management designs discrete portfolios that strive to generate the highest after-fee, after-tax, risk-adjusted returns across a range of asset classes to meet specific client goals. We seek to represent our fees, as well as the impact of inflation and taxes, in an entirely transparent manner.

  • Efficient Architecture®
    • Building on our wealth planning and asset allocation capabilities, the investment professionals at Evercore Wealth Management draw on their individual areas of expertise and the firm’s collective view of the global economic outlook to create and manage customized portfolios across the range of asset classes.
    • We developed our Efficient Architecture® investment platform to supplement our core capabilities with a range of non-proprietary investments across the range of asset classes: cash, defensive assets, credit strategies, diversified market strategies, growth assets, and illiquid assets.
    • Through our global asset allocation process, we seek to identify the best opportunities for each client and then carefully select and monitor those we view as the most capable managers in their respective fields. Our fees are transparent and we are free from many of the conflicts inherent at other financial institutions.